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Lessons in Resilience from a Solar Eclipse

There’s something kind of magical about knowing exactly when the moon will sneak in front of the sun and cast a brief shadow over the day. I remember an eclipse when I was in middle school that I witnessed through a pinhole on a sheet of paper. While I didn’t see the eclipse directly because […]

Your Story Matters! Life can sometimes be an uphill battle. Work stress, relationship issues, personal challenges, and pivotal life decisions can all take their toll. We understand. When the old coping strategies no longer work, or when you’re looking to achieve new heights or gain clarity in your life direction, it’s time for a tailored […]

Introducing Our Expert Therapists: Get to Know the Team

Lori R. Miller, LMHC Author, speaker, and dedicated licensed mental health counselor, Lori wears many hats. Dive deeper into her approach or schedule an appointment directly. Learn more about Lori –> Joe M. Miller, LMHC With over two decades of clinical counseling and business management expertise, Joe brings a depth of knowledge and compassion to […]

Mastering Goals and Values in the New Year

The start of a new year always brings with it an evaluation of where you are now against where you want to be. As humans with the ability to make a big mess of good intentions, we like the idea of drawing a line in the sand and starting over. That’s what the month of […]

What an Old Dog Taught Me About Fear

A few years ago, my husband and son were away on a summer trip with our church youth group. I love my family, but I am still very much an only child. I love having uninterrupted time at my behest so I relished having a few days alone in the house. There’s a lot of […]