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Introducing Our Expert Therapists: Get to Know the Team

Lori R. Miller, LMHC Author, speaker, and dedicated licensed mental health counselor, Lori wears many hats. Dive deeper into her approach or schedule an appointment directly. Learn more about Lori –> Joe M. Miller, LMHC With over two decades of clinical counseling and business management expertise, Joe brings a depth of knowledge and compassion to […]

What an Old Dog Taught Me About Fear

A few years ago, my husband and son were away on a summer trip with our church youth group. I love my family, but I am still very much an only child. I love having uninterrupted time at my behest so I relished having a few days alone in the house. There’s a lot of […]

Finding Your Footing: Navigating the Complexities of Young Adulthood

The transition from teenage years to adulthood is often romanticized in movies, songs, and literature. Yet, those who are living it know all too well that this period can be as challenging as it is exhilarating. There’s an underlying pressure to “figure things out” — from choosing career paths and forming meaningful relationships to defining […]

Embracing the Next Chapter: Setting Goals for Midlife and Beyond

Life is a journey, punctuated by milestones, turning points, and crossroads. And all this time you thought life was a highway. 🙂 When we reach midlife, it can sometimes feel like we’re teeter-tottering between the stories of our past and the endless possibilities of our future. One day you feel like your experiences have prepared […]

Riding Life’s Roller Coaster – We Got You!

Life transitions – whether they’re anticipated or unexpected, positive or negative – can shake us to our very core. But remember, they’re also opportunities for personal growth, change, and new beginnings. So, how do we navigate these tumultuous times? Here are some strategies that can help you manage life transitions more effectively: Acknowledge Your Feelings […]

Your Story Matters! Life can sometimes be an uphill battle. Work stress, relationship issues, personal challenges, and pivotal life decisions can all take their toll. We understand. When the old coping strategies no longer work, or when you’re looking to achieve new heights or gain clarity in your life direction, it’s time for a tailored […]