Family Counseling

Even though there is no perfect family, we need to feel supported and loved by those closest to us.

But so many issues and stressors can disrupt that safety and support and move you away from the strong, healthy family you want.

  • Addictions
  • Divorce
  • New and blended relationships
  • Work stress
  • Teenagers and adults trying to understand each other
  • Kids struggling with bullying
  • Financial problems

If just one member of the family needs help, it can affect the whole family. And everyone can struggle to feel heard.

Before you know it, everything escalates.

How do you break that cycle of frustration?

It is possible to have a family that loves and respects each other in spite of their differences.

Working with a therapist can help you and your family understand all the issues your family faces, not just your own issues.

You may all need to learn new ways of communicating so that everyone feels counted and supported when they need it most.

And you can learn new ways to resolve conflict that considers everyone’s needs.

We want you and your family to connect with each other in a way that works.

Discover your role

What part do you play in the family? Are the peacemaker, the caretaker of everybody else, or the scapegoat for all the problems?

Ask for what you need

Develop the assertiveness skills that will help you find healthy ways to ask for what you are not getting.

Resolve conflict

Learn the skills to help solve day-to-day problems and issues that keep you from working together.

Have fun

Having fun together is a big part of being a healthy family. Learn how to relax in ways everyone can enjoy.

Start working with us!

Learn the skills to build a strong, healthy and supportive family.
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